Sunday, July 26, 2009

Digging Santigold

Apart from her outrageously delicious music, Santigold (Santogold?) is cool for innumerable reasons, including but not limited to:
1. The fact that her real name is Santi White. White is my favorite color;
2. The name change from Santi to Santogold to Santigold. (Notice the blocking in the album artwork) I, too, at the ripe age of whatever age you are in 3rd grade changed my name from Sasha to Alex to shed myself of endless Sushi/Sausage ridicule only to be met with public scrutiny over the neo nomen. I then changed back as she to Santi-gold. We can relate; and
3. Quakers. Yeah, Santigold went to Quaker school and then to Wesleyan where she double majored in Music and African American studies? How politically correct.

By the way she also has really good music, some of which may taint the hallowed hollows of thine ear. Sample this, "Lights Out" from her formerly eponymous Santigold (2008)

Also, you can get her song "L.E.S. Artistes" for FREEZY along with some Passion Pit, La Roux
and others Nylon Magazine's Website. Your welcome. And thanks to Ian Erickson-Kery!

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