Friday, May 7, 2010

A Misrepresentation in Application

Whatsup? I don't think there's anyone out there.. there is no message you are receiving... [lyrics]
Anyway, I mean I don't think anyone reads this anymore but I feel like writing something. I am currently, on a Friday night, skyping with my handicapable son [Andew Sebies] and while he decides what he'll wear to dinner with an unidentified friend, I am waiting for him. there is a blank screen.

As I do nothing here, I couldn't help but wonder... Just kidding. I am not wondering about anything. Carrie Bradshaw always says that. "And as I got out of the cab and climbed the stairs, I couldn't help but wonder blah blah blah" Get original please!

Andew has returned! He wears an argyle vest with white polo. Our relationship rests on our mutual dislike for argyle cardigans [only vests]. Cardigargyle is too much. PAYCE!