Friday, July 2, 2010

Osborn Identity

So the other day while I was hanging out with my friend Anna (as in 'On a Table') I was dazzled by a blinding light, similar to the twinkle over the eyes of, say, Cinderella in a Disney film. This twinkle-light came from the sub-knee, the shoe level of the human anatomy. The source was a pair of AWESOME custom made guatemalan oxford that were just so fabulo I had to snap like twenty thousand pics, yeah? Anyway, here they are and with some of Anna's cool and re-organized closet (Has anyone ever know-ticed how it feels like a perpetual plague of closet reorganization?). You can buys 'em here.
They gots little sparkley threads through em. Just like you and me.
Isn't that sweet? The maker of these shoes signed and dated. Thanks Carlos P. on either September 3, 2010 or March 9, 2010 depending on how Euro you are.
And here's that Dud-Domain I was telling ya'll about.

A sick sweater that is in the process of being knit by Anna from a pattern sampled (allegedly) by Mr. Marc Jacobs himself!
A bag made from a tank top and screen printed with Anna's alias Gemma Ann. She's got stickers, too.
This is an early script for Moulin Rouge an it oddly includes the signature of Ozzy Osbourne. Now if you're scratching your head, you're a noob. Ozzy was actually set to play the part of the Absinthe fairy, a role later taken on by Kylie Minogue. Imagine how odd that'd be.

Here they are again. Sneakin' all up on us.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Misrepresentation in Application

Whatsup? I don't think there's anyone out there.. there is no message you are receiving... [lyrics]
Anyway, I mean I don't think anyone reads this anymore but I feel like writing something. I am currently, on a Friday night, skyping with my handicapable son [Andew Sebies] and while he decides what he'll wear to dinner with an unidentified friend, I am waiting for him. there is a blank screen.

As I do nothing here, I couldn't help but wonder... Just kidding. I am not wondering about anything. Carrie Bradshaw always says that. "And as I got out of the cab and climbed the stairs, I couldn't help but wonder blah blah blah" Get original please!

Andew has returned! He wears an argyle vest with white polo. Our relationship rests on our mutual dislike for argyle cardigans [only vests]. Cardigargyle is too much. PAYCE!