Monday, August 3, 2009

A Side Note

Some people are of the belief that movies are best only when you can see them several times and still love them, or perhaps--dare say it--even more. I am not one of these people. No Country for Old Men, was all worthy of it's best picture title, but seeing that movie again may be enough to convert me to a Brokeback fan. (Okay, maybe just a There Will be Blood pusher).

Howevah, as a three time Away We Go-er, I can say without hesitation ("to smash your doll cupboard!") that it is still a great movie. You guys should really go See it.

And, if you haven't already (as I instructed) listened to The Vitamin String Quartet rendition of Where is My Mind a la Pixies, you should. In fact, I shall force you to. Just listen to the whole thing. Here
It is a really good car song; I like to act like I'm a conductress (Not a train! A Quartet conductress) when I listen. Sorry the end isnt on it, but you should buy it on itunes.

And Here is the original, from Fight Club, my official favorite movie (but it is slightly tied with a bunch of others)
I didn't check to see if there was anything inappropriate first, so sorry if there is kiddies! I miss Andrew Seber!!! Where have you bloody been (all my life)!?!


  1. OMG I miss you Sasha :)
    i love your blag, stay fabulous. I'll make a blog so i can post about missing you
    and santogold and mr.g and ja'mie

  2. ITS ANNA!
    i love you and i LOVE this post!
    i havent seen fight club (i know hard to believe) but i am going to watch it ASAP!!!!!