Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Chat with Ian!

So has anyone seen those repulsive PROMOTIONS they disguise as pieces for Scott Schuman (aka the Sartorialist) in GQ? They go around touting Scott as the global gentlemen (which he is) all thanks to Verizon Wireless that lets him text and communicate. Oh praise Verizon. But, I have T-mobile and friends so we'll just sample a bit of Texts with Ian. Right here, right now.
Oh, also I realized that they also do this (somewhat...) elsewhere in GQ, when they so adorably put several critics and pop-culture pundits in a faux mag-chat room and they comment and name drop accordingly. I will fallow suit in the bolding but no worries you shan't find any annoying text lingo, only Sasha-IEK lingo.

Ian avec my Ikea pillow on the last night. Check out those hands.. so cute!

Me: I love this santigold album it's soo goood!

Ian EK: I knooooo!! She is incredible.

Me: haha my racist friend was like "I really dont like her. She has a weird face"

Ian EK: Haha only in 'bama. my cousin saw her in london once. Sooo jealous!

Me:what do you think of the Mountain Goats, I just listened to them and don't know how I feel

Ian EK: I know lots of people who like them, but their sound is a bit too jagged for me

Me: i get that.. they seem a bit whiney too but I just read this gq article and this guy said the songwriter is "not just one of the greatest songwriters... one of the greatest working writers" whaaaat?

Ian EK: I loooooove hype

Me: haha we should put this convo on my brog and ill call it "A Chat with Ian"

oh p.s. I just want to let you know that I counted how many o's and a's there were and retyped exactly that number okay! There were a lot. and here, you can check out the Mountain Goats for yourself.

And while I don't exactly love this music and I find the lead singer John Darnielle's head movements and general aura to be annoying, I do think this video is funny. Enjoy! (or not...)